~ Nail Monday ~ Ciate Snow Globe

Ciate Snow Globe was behind the first door in my Ciate Mini Mani Month. This advent calendar is expensive, but oh so gorgeous. It contains 23 mini pots and 1 full sized polish. I’ve been really good. I totally didn’t open up every window and swatch them all, just to carefully put each pot back where it belonged to cover up my indiscretion. Cough. Anyhoo!

photo 3!

Snow Globe is a clear polish packed with holographic flakes. The flakes are all in different sizes, and super pretty, they look like opal! I’m wearing Ciate Cabaret as the base (which I got in last year’s mini mani advent calendar!), and two coats of Snow Globe.

photo 2


And! On my right hand, I am wearing a black nail polish as the base, and two coats of Snow Globe. I can’t wait to try out more of the polishes from the advent calendar. For the first time. Cough.

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